It's currently going on 12:30AM, I just finished this book and I knew I needed to write this review immediately while I was still dealing with all of the feelings I am experiencing in regards to this book. I wrote down little notes about what I wanted to include in this review throughout my time [...]


EVER FAITHFUL ( A Vintage National Parks Novel #3) – Karen Barnett

Going into this final book of the Vintage National Parks series by Karen Barnett, I was very excited to see what she brought to the table. Her first two books of the series were phenomenal! Written so beautifully and in a way that placed you right there in the parks with the characters even though [...]

STORM RISING (The Book of the Wars #1) – Ronie Kendig

When reading the Bible most of us skip through the book of Numbers. But in Storm Rising, we dive head first into the Old Testament where a book that is mentioned in the book of Numbers, The Book of the Wars, becomes the most sought after book in the world. If left in the wrong [...]

Living Lies (Harbored Secrets #1) – Natalie Walters

I came across Natalie Walters through the bookstagram community on instagram and found out that she was getting ready to release her debut novel. Many of my bookstagram friends had received early copies and they were absolutely raving about this book. Due to all of the fuss over this novel I preordered it. I was [...]

It’s Been Awhile

Hello everyone, It's been awhile since I last posted on here. I was actually still in college when I wrote my last post over two years ago. Yikes! Anyway, I have been thinking about it for awhile now and I'm thinking about revamping my blog, doing more book reviews and such. It won't be just [...]